Villain by Caro Savage

Exciting and involving thriller

My rating:  5 out of 5

There’s a dramatic start.  Then the adrenaline keeps rising as DC Bailey juggles her dangerous undercover assignment with other dramas going on in her life. 

Bailey’s new role is to infiltrate a gang and provide the proof the police need to bring them to justice.   Will the gang accept her for what she appears to be, and will her memories of her last undercover job make this one too difficult for her?  Set in London this is an exciting, hard hitting and completely involving thriller.

Meanwhile Bailey’s father is ill, and Bailey is keen to discover what happened to her sister all those years ago.  These family sections offset the gritty gang sections of the novel, also adding tension as to whether Bailey can give her family the time they need, whilst not being outed from her undercover role.    

I found myself involved and worried for Bailey throughout most of this thriller.  She is a great character, and everything she did seemed very real.  She definitely made me realise that being an undercover agent would not suit me!   

5*s from me, as this fast moving and gripping thriller all seemed completely real and believable, and kept me up reading late on too many nights.  I read this as a stand alone book, though it appears to the be second book in a series. This is the first book I have read by this author and certainly not the last.  I worried at the beginning that the storyline was too gritty for me, but am pleased I kept going.  There are references to violence, but there is no blood spilt on the pages.  Recommended!


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