Kerry Tucker Learns to Live by Louise Voss

Engaging and moving look at life

Whilst mourning the recent loss of her mother, Kerry is looking forward to moving into the, now empty, family house.  Beth, Kerry’s younger sister, has different ideas however.   Whilst trying to negotiate this problem, Kerry’s life begins to fall apart in other ways  – luckily for Kerry there is always another glass of wine to help things along.

Alongside this Kerry is fighting to forget traumatic memories of the past, whilst hoping for a turnaround in her fortunes.

This is an engaging novel about Kerry, a postwoman in her early 40s, who thinks she has the ideal life, whereas her sister feels that Kerry is missing out.  There are wonderful moments, dark moments, plus insights into the life of a village postwoman.  Kerry spends her days supporting so many in the community, will they be there for her if she needs them?   

I found myself drawn to Kerry, at times shocked, but always involved.  This contemporary fiction, told from the point of view of Kerry,  delves into everyday human life, its emotions and how imagination and memories  can be damaging as well as a force for positive good.  

A moving look into the life of Kerry, who could so easily be someone living near to us. 

Set:  Salisbury area

Publisher:  Bookouture

Published Date:  6 October 2022

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