The Last Stage by Louise Voss

 Suspense and Excitement

My rating:  4 out of 5

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A psychological thriller with plenty of suspense and interesting characters, which all leads up to a  very dramatic and exciting ending. 

The Last StageMeredith works in the shop of a stately home,  far away from the anxieties of her past, and  close to her beloved twin brother.  Then in a moment of stupidity she wrecks everything, and disaster follows.   There are plenty of strange happenings in Meredith’s seemingly idyllic world, but as the reader is given insights into her past, the reason she left her successful and exciting career becomes all too clear, and the strange happenings become disturbing.

Great characters in this very readable book,  with the tension coming and going, until suddenly it is there in full strength, as you race towards the end.  I certainly didn’t guess the ending – brilliant! 

4*s for a great read.  Chilling, but not so much that you need to leave the lights on at night.   Another recommended read from this great author!


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