No Honour by Awais Khan

Family, love and honour

My rating:  5 out of 5

An emotive and involving story of Abida and her father, set in rural Pakistan and Lahore.

Jamil loves his first born child, his daughter Abida, so much that he does not have the heart to stop her meeting the boy she loves and keep his daughter on the honourable path of life.   When things go too far the whole family is at risk of disrespect by the village and all the terrible things that will bring.  Will Jamil do the honourable thing for the sake of his family and their future?

The story is told in alternating chapters by Jamil and his daughter.   The chapters are short, so invite “just one more” chapter before closing the book (and then another) – indeed it is difficult to put down as the characters are so involving and come alive through the pages of this novel. 

The stories of Jamil and Abida flow well, however the content is a tough read, and sent me off to Google to see how much of the story might be based on fact .  Wikipedia tells me that honour killings “remains a common practice in Pakistan today”  The author is based in Lahore, Pakistan.

5*s for this very readable and emotive story of women, love, family and honour in Pakistan.  A story that will stay with me for a long time, and I would recommend to anyone interested in the lives of people living in a different culture.  

Publisher:  Orenda Books

Date of Publication:  August 2021

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