Other People’s Marriages by Kerry Fisher

Marriage, Life and Friends

My rating:  3 out of 5

At Steph’s 60th birthday party she is thinking it is time for a change, and the story takes the reader through how she got to this point in time – and a little further.  Steph’s story is also interspersed with that of her two friends Teresa and Evie, all quite different characters, and all married with children.  The narrative changes years to show how their marriages have changed over the 30 or so years they have known each other, and how their friendship has also altered. 

There are some great witty sections about the reality of marriage vs the dream, and some sit back and think moments about life and difficult decisions.  Other People’s Marriages is is a look at how life changes, sometimes without one really noticing and sometimes in dramatic ways.  However mostly this book is about people and relationships, all told in Kerry Fisher’s wonderful style.

Overall I found it rather a sad book, about dreams failing to live up to expectations, but also a powerful book about being true to oneself and the power of friendships.  My life being quite different from Steph, Teresa and Evie made this an interesting read for me, but not as great as many of the other books by this wonderful author.    Brilliant to read a book about life as seen from the perspective of an “older woman”!

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