The Adoption by Jenna Kernan

Domestic thriller to keep you guessing

Dani has been in a car crash and has lost her ability to recognise faces (prosopagnosia), but now the time has come for her to leave hospital and get on with her life – including coming to terms with the fact that her sister was paralysed from the waist down in the same accident.

Fortunately Dani has a wonderful husband, ready to help and support her.  Her sister is being positive and there is some very exciting news just around the corner.

Soon after the start small doubts began to creep into my mind about the characters and their actions.  Are they being as helpful as they seem?  The problems of living with prosopagnosia came through very clearly, and are frightening to contemplate. 

There were times when I thought of giving up reading this domestic thriller, because all the plausible endings I could think of did not seem to work, and there were times when I said to myself “but why doesn’t Dani do …, or ask …” .  I am so glad I kept going because by the end it all came together with some brilliant and surprising twists.              

This is the first book I have read by Jenna Kernan – now I am looking forward to reading The Ex-Wives out in October 2022.

Set in:  Tampa, Florida

Publisher:  Bookouture

Publication Date:  May 2022

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