The Ex-Wives by Jenna Kernan

Realistic, involving and attention keeping thriller

Elena meets the man of her dreams, who is happy to take on her daughter and change their lives for the better for ever.  Jackson might be a bit controlling at times, but Elena accepts this is just showing concern for Elena’s wellbeing and happiness.  A nasty ex-wife makes an unexpected appearance, at least unexpected to Elena who hadn’t been aware Jackson had been married before but, well these things happen.  Some time later it begins to dawn on Elena that some of what the ex-wife said might actually be true.    

Missing children from the past, a husband who becomes very different to the man Elena fell in love with, and gradually, from within her seemingly perfect new life, Elena starts to become very afraid for herself and her daughter.  My hopes, and fears for Elena rose and fell in line with hers.  The story was unsettling, but no way was I putting it down until I found out what happened to Elena and her daughter.

I really enjoyed reading this because it seemed so plausible and had me wondering again and again what I would have done if I was in Elena’s position.    An involving, at times hard to read (because I was worried for Elena and her daughter), well written domestic psychological thriller that kept my attention throughout.    2nd thriller I have read by this author – both great reads! 

Setting:  Florida

Publisher:   Bookouture

Published: 10 October 2022

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