The Camera Lies by AB Morgan

Great entertainment and riveting read

My rating:  5 out of 5     


Konrad is investigating a 2 year old murder for his TV programme.  He ignores The Camera Liesanonymous warnings to stop his investigation and so finds himself personally threatened as he becomes more and more determined to find out what really happened.  

An attention grabbing opening chapter as Konrad interviews the murderer who insists he has no memory of the event and would never have done such a thing.  However the forensics and film footage of the crime seem to leave no doubt of his guilt.     Meanwhile Konrad’s marriage is not going so well, and he is tempted to return to the woman he loves but gave up.   He then starts receiving chilling messages from a stalker who wants him to give up his investigation into the murder.  To what lengths will the stalker go to get their way?   Plenty of interesting characters with twists and surprises to keep the reader guessing almost from the start.

There are some sex scenes but they fit in with the context (I’m not a fan of erotica).   Just enough chill factor to keep the book very exciting, but not so much as to be totally scary.  There was a murder scene towards the end which I found unnecessary to the story, unpleasant and upsetting. 

A 5* rating from me.  This was a riveting and fast moving read all the way through, cleverly written to keep the reader guessing.  Great entertainment! 


See also:  A Justifiable Madness by AB Morgan

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