The Night She Vanished by Wendy Dranfield

Fast moving standalone thriller

Nicole hasn’t been home since she left 12 years ago.  Now her younger sister has gone missing and she dreads seeing her parents again. 

The narrative moves between the now (2022) and 2008 when Nicole’s best friend Lori was alive.  What happened to Lori? How involved is Nicole’s father – the town Sheriff – in secrets from the past and present.  Nicole’s concerns about her parents and relatively few characters makes this a very exciting and enjoyable thriller where the suspicion falls on many, but what is the truth – and where is Nicole’s sister?   

Plenty of suspense kept me involved, and turning the pages longer than I should have been.   Nicole is a great, and likeable, character; the others – well you will have to decide.   

Another excellent standalone thriller from this great author, with a fast moving plot that throws up surprises, characters that may not be as they seem and a great story that had me racing through the pages. 

Set:  USA

Publisher:  Bookouture

Published:  14 March 2023

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