The Passengers by John Marrs

Audiobook narrated by:   Kristin Atherton , Roy McMillan , Clare Corbett , Tom Bateman , Patience Tomlinson , Shaheen Khan

Thriller with tension and twists

My rating:  3 out of 5

8 self drive cars are taken over by a hacker, and are on a collision course to crash. Can one passenger be saved by a public vote?    Meanwhile Libby recognises one of the people in the hacked cars as someone she has been searching for, someone she thinks could be the man of her dreams. 

A great thriller with a realistic, near future, idea. There are loads of interesting ideas within these pages , plus plenty of excitement and tension, great twists and an exciting ending.  Not many comments here as I don’t want to give anything away!

3*s from me as although I enjoyed this audiobook, I never really got into any of the characters, with the exception of Libby.   No doubt this was influenced by my being an occasional audiobook listener, so days or even a whole week passes between listens. Having previously listened to The One (by the same author) and loved it, The Passengers didn’t involve me as much – though it was good!   I shall definitely be listening to/reading some of this author’s other thrillers. 

Note: The One is coming to Netflix on 12th March 2021

Link to my review: The One by John Marrs

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