The Quiet People  by Paul Cleave


Thrilling throughout

My rating:  4 out of 5

The son of two crime writers goes missing.  The police have a good idea who did it.  The public have a good idea who did it.  Who do you think did it?

This rollercoaster of a thriller is told from Cameron’s perspective – the father of the missing child.  To a lesser extent we also see things from the police’s viewpoint.  Each day that the boy is missing stretches to an eternity for his parents as tension builds and rifts form.    As the parents come under suspicion, the reporters and locals gather – quick to pass judgement.  Cameron finds everyone is against him, but his main concern is finding his child.  Will he? Can he? Or is it all a front? 

The prologue of this novel was shocking, and made me wonder if this book would be too dark for me, however I soon got into it, and enjoyed the racing excitement and heart stopping moments. There were also tears. Thrilling throughout with an ending I didn’t see coming.    

Publisher: Orenda Books

Publication Date: November 2021

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