The books most visited on my book review website

As we approach autumn, I thought I’d have a look at the 3 most popular, in terms of visits so far this year, books on my book review site. These are two thrillers, and a book that became controversial and a best seller.


Link to my review: The Silent Daughter by Claire Amarti

The most viewed page on my website so far this year, is this mystery thriller set in a boarding school. Few characters and plenty of suspense, twists and turns makes this a “curl up and enjoy” read. A child goes missing at a boarding school, the same school that Sadie has recently lost her job from, and Sadie is suddenly riveted to the news broadcasts.

As we learn about Sadie’s relationships, family and friends, secrets from the past gradually spill out. The story is told from Sadie’s perspective, and gently drew me in, making me happy that it was raining outside so I could read “just one more chapter”


Link to my review: American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins

American Dirt is the second most visited book this year on Emma b Books. A best selling novel that caused plenty of controversy.

Lydia is 32 years old and living a “normal” life in Mexico when suddenly everything changes and she is forced to flee to America, as an illegal immigrant. This novel opened my eyes to why migrants (from any country) risk their lives for an uncertain future, and made me appreciate the peace and safety of my world.  A book that will break your heart, but also compel you to keep reading. 

Jeanine Cummins has a new book out now, which is definitely on my TBR list because American Dirt was so brilliant.


Link to my review: The Silent Wife by Kerry Fisher

My third most visited book this year is one I reviewed a few years ago, so its obviously a popular choice to still be at the top of this year’s viewings list.

Maggie and Lara are the wives of two brothers and are next door neighbours, plus their mother in law lives opposite. Both brothers are divorced from their first wives, and the story alternates between Lara’s perspective and Maggie’s. There’s plenty going on behind closed doors, including the secrets they discover – should they keep quiet about them, or speak out?

I loved this book.  Maggie and Lara are engaging characters, facing all the problems of second wives with moral dilemmas that are true to life and interesting. 

Its well time I read some more books by this author!


Have you read any of these? Would you expect them to be top of my most visited pages? Let me know.

Wishing you all the best, Emma

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