Great thrillers by Chris Parker @Chjparker

This week I want to talk about 4 great thrillers by Chris Parker. Influence, Belief and Faith are a trilogy, but also can be read as stand alone – indeed Belief was the first book I read by this great author. Monk is the first book in a new series.

You can read more about these books by following the links under each picture, or by searching for Chris Parker on EmmabBooks.com

Link to my review: Influence by Chris Parker

Influence is the first book in the Marcus Kline series, and I am glad I read it after having read Belief, which had a faster pace. This thriller explores the power of communication and influence, which gives the reader plenty to think (and talk) about. Though this book wasn’t really to my taste, I was glad I went back to read it as it gives good background about the main characters.


Link to my review: Belief by Chris Parker

Belief is the second book in this series, but was the first book I had read by this author, and and was the thriller that got me hooked on his fiction writing. Belief is a gripping thriller that has the bad guy using his mind to influence / kill his victims.  Quite chilling, but mesmerising! I gave it 5*s.


Faith is the third book in the Marcus Kline trilogy. The trial of a murderer who manipulates using his powers of hypnosis is just about to begin.  Can he win against the best lawyers in the land? This thriller has short punchy chapters and I particularly loved the information included in the story about the brain and hypnotism. Although this can be read as a stand alone thriller, I recommend reading it shortly after Belief.


Which brings us to the first book in a new series by Chris Parker

Link to my review: Monk by Chris Parker

Monk is a thriller about an exciting race to find the Turin Shroud before it is lost forever. This is a great story which keeps the excitement and tension running throughout.  It has very few characters, and I found it to be a fun, entertaining and riveting read. It also added a great twist to the mystery of the Turin Shroud.

I’m eagerly awaiting the second book in this series.


If you’ve read any books by Chris Parker, fiction or non-fiction, I would love to hear your thoughts on them below. If not, I hope this blog will encourage you to have a read.

All the best, Emma

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