Four authors (and their books) that have inspired me @CJFentiman @BradSnyderUSA @TSileo @LouiseWriter

Today I’m going to talk about 4 books that have inspired me over recent years.  Its been a while since I’ve read some of them, but I can still talk about these books without picking them up – they are that good!  I’m going to tell you about what I found inspirational in these books – for more details on the books themselves, go to my review (by clicking on the book title) .  They are listed in no particular order.


The Cat with Three Passports by CJ Fentiman    

This memoir has inspired me to visit Japan (travel restrictions and finances allowing), a country that held little interest for me up until reading this – mainly because I visualise Japan as being a place of busy cities – not sure why I have this impression. Fentiman’s story, set during the time she was teaching English in Japan,  is set in more rural areas (Takayama and Shirakawa) and included inspiring information about local customs and outlaying areas of beauty – including walks in mountainous areas. Certainly a book to read and inspire dreams, who knows maybe I will tick this off my “Places to Visit” one day. 


In Two Worlds by Ido Kedar   


This novel is about Anthony who has non-speaking autism.  The author has the same condition, and his portrayal of Anthony and his determination to communicate and be understood is both inspiring and moving.   This novel is about overcoming the seemingly impossible, and certainly puts any issues that might be knock me down a bit well into perspective.  A truly inspirational read.


Fire in My Eyes by Brad Snyder and Tom Sileo  


This is a memoir about Brad Snyder who lost his eyesight whilst serving in the US armed forces.    I found this a book about learning to live with what you have, and not focus on what you might not have.  It is a lesson in adapting and finding the positives in situations that might not initially lend themselves to feeling upbeat.  Now I’m not, for one millisecond, suggesting I would ever have the positive mindset that Brad Snyder has, but this I found this book uplifting and inspiring as a whole.   I will never forget the story about Brad exercising his dog in what he felt was a safe environment, and then realising the pitfalls (it all turned out ok!) – but that imagery has stayed with me since I read this book quite some years ago, and often makes me stop and think. 


How to be Brave by Louise Beech

If you know anything of Louise Beech, you will know that she comes across as a mega inspiring lady (I have never met her) and her novels reflect this  – often with a few tears thrown in as well.    This book is the first one she published  – and still one of my favourites.  The novel turns real events from the author’s life (and that of her grandfather’s)  into an inspiring tale of how when something very difficult has to be achieved there is a often a way to make it more palatable.   An uplifting, tear jerking, book of hope – and one that has stayed with me.

Actually I had trouble deciding whether to talk here about How to be Brave, or The Mountain in My Shoe. Both by Louise Beech, and both brilliant!

By the way, Louise Beech has a new novel out on 10th June.  It’s called This Is How We are Human, and I can’t wait to read it!


So yes, I often find inspiration from books that feature real, or fictional, people overcoming obstacles and finding positives which might not be at first apparent. 

Do let me know of books that you have found inspirational in the “Comments” section below – I would love to find more books to inspire me and uplift me.  

Wishing you good health and positive thoughts, Emma   

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