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What (am I currently reading)?

The thriller The Wronged by Owen Mullen is being published this coming Thursday, 10th June.  It was some time ago I read this book, when it was published as Old Friends and New Enemies, so, being a great fan of this author, this week I have been revisiting it.   The Wronged is the 2nd of 4 books in the Charlie Cameron series – all can be read as stand-alone books.  This was the first book I ever read by Owen Mullen, and I have been hooked on his novels ever since. 

The publisher is Boldwood Books, and The Wronged is being published in paperback, ebook and audiobook.

Book Blurb (taken from Boldwoodbooks.com )


Private Investigator Charlie Cameron is searching for a man who disappeared after his son’s suicide. When an unidentified body turns up at the morgue, Cameron is sure it’s another case closed.

But the body laid out on the slab isn’t the man he’s looking for. And it isn’t a stranger. Suddenly, a routine investigation becomes a desperate fight for survival.

As Charlie is dragged deeper into Glasgow’s criminal underbelly, he gets dangerously close to a notorious gangster named Jimmy Rafferty. Now Rafferty wants Cameron to hunt for something that may be impossible to find. And disappointing Jimmy Rafferty is not an option…

Owen Mullen is a best-selling author of psychological and gangland thrillers. His fast-paced, twist-aplenty stories are perfect for all fans of Robert Galbraith, Ian Rankin and Ann Cleeves.

This book was previously published as Old Friends And New Enemies.

What readers say about Owen Mullen:

‘Owen Mullen knows how to ramp up the action just when it’s needed… he never fails to give you hard-hitting thrillers that have moments that will stay with you forever…’

‘One of the very best thriller writers I have ever read.’

‘Owen Mullen writes a good story, he really brings his characters to life and the endings are hard to guess and never what you expected.’

Why (have I chosen to read it)?

Because thrillers by Owen Mullen are just great.   I have read 9 of Owen Mullen’s books to date, possibly the most books by any author I have ever read.  Many are based in Scotland, his gangland series Family and Insider (the latter of which I’m in the middle of reading now – so will be my 10th book by this author – is out at the end of this month) are based in London, and Out of the Silence is set in Pakistan.  Find all my Owen Mullen thriller reviews by doing a search on EmmabBooks.com

While (I  am reading it) 

We had a short break and visited a village in a neighbouring valley that we had not been to before.  The weather has changed to very hot (about 35C in the shade at mid-day) so it was great to walk through woods to this lovely waterfall.   Hotels, plus restaurants and bars,  here need proof that visitors have either had their 1st Covid vaccine at least 22 days previously, or received a negative test result in the very recent past (test results last between 24 and 72 hours, depending on which you get).   It has become second nature to have such proof with us when we leave the house, along with our FFP2 masks. 

If you would like to tell me What you are reading, Why you are reading that book, and what you’re doing While you’re reading it, then let me know via   the Guest Blog Page on EmmabBooks.com   and maybe I’ll blog about it. 

All the best, Emma

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