Thirteen Past Midnight (A Friday The 13th story) by Stephen B King @StephenBKing #FridayThe13th

Part of:  A Friday the 13th Story #2 (13 books)

Happy Friday the 13th to you, may you stay safe.

Today I am lucky enough to introduce you to a short story by Stephen B King entitled Thirteen Past Midnight (A Friday the 13th story). It is Out Today! Being a Friday the 13th story the genre speaks for itself, but let me tell you I, who am not a fan of anything scary, really enjoyed this!

For those of you new to Stephen B King fiction, he is the author of a series of totally brilliant psychological thrillers – where he really gets inside the head of the crime perpetrators. Click on the book picture below, and it will take you to my review of Thirteen Past Midnight, where you can also find links to his other books.

All the best, Emma

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