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Today is my turn on the Book Tour for the psychological thriller How to Spot a Psychopath by MQ Webb. You can see my review by clicking on the book picture. Below is the book blurb, and also some info about MQ Webb. This thriller, the first in the Oscar de la Nuit series, is now available for purchase in all the usual places.

Book Blurb:

Could you tell… Would you?

When four-year-old Mia Edwards goes missing on a play date, everyone suspects Jessica Green knows what happened, especially Mia’s mother, Holly…

But Jess won’t tell anyone.

Psychiatrist, Dr. Oscar de la Nuit, is perceptive and determined to save Jess from the same regret and secrets he lives with.

Oscar thinks he has Jess figured out, but will she lead to Oscar’s redemption, or will she be his downfall?

About the Author

MQ Webb has always believed in the transformational nature of words, and a medium to utilize them. How to Spot a Psychopath is the first book in the Oscar de la Nuit Psychological Thriller series.

Born without a Middle name, Q is such an undervalued letter of the alphabet, only appearing with u, so thought they would give it some respect by acknowledging it in their name.

A fascination with human behavior and motivation led them to study psychology. They once worked in a building that was converted from a gaol and is a marketing consultant for NFP’s, universities, and the public sector.

Follow MQ Webb at:

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/MQWebbAuthor

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/mqwebbauthor/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LornaDounaeva http://www.twitter.com/marswebb1

All the best, Emma

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