Thirteen Past Midnight (A Friday The 13th story) by Stephen B King

Part of:  A Friday the 13th Story #2 (13 books)

Pacy, Friday 13th story

A short story written especially for Friday 13th.

Jonathon, an everyday ordinary guy, starts having nightmares.  One short nightmare each night, but every night he awakes one minute later, and always the nightmare has a recurring theme, a grey cat that is not at all the cuddly sort. 

This is a pacy read, where the main character Jonathon does all he can to avoid falling asleep again, whilst I the reader couldn’t wait for him to get back into his nightmare!   

69 pages of suspense, interest around dreaming, and plenty of entertainment.  Plus of course some Friday 13th type chill. 

I read this as I am a great fan of Stephen B King’s novels, and though this book is in a genre I would normally avoid, I enjoyed every minute (even the heart stopping moments!).  It was clever, entertaining and had me wondering what was going to happen. 

Publication Date:  Friday 13 May 2022

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