Then and now by RJ Gould

Friendship to silence.  Why?

Sandy is leaving her job as a fashion editor, Michael is struggling with some of his younger colleagues, and Jonathan is finding marriage and love isn’t always easy.  3 people with lives so different, but who shared common times back in the past.  A university reunion pulls them back together, but one of their group is missing. 

This is a true to life story of 3 people, who meet again after many years.   Have the intervening years changed them, or can they get back that bond they had before it was so abruptly broken?

Any reader of a similar age to these people will find something within these pages to relate to, the characters seem so real, their lives though different to each other’s, also share similarities.  The missing friend who was referred to, but only briefly – why, and what happened?

A gentle read, with true to life issues, and interesting perspectives on people and how much the passing years really change their true characters.  Another beautiful, engaging book from this great author – the 5th I have read by RJ Gould!

Also perfect for book club groups, there is so much in here that will bring fun memories and discussions of times past, observations on whether a person changes over the years, and plenty more topics for serious, or light, conversation.   

My rating:  4 out of 5

Publication Date:  12 March 2022

Independently published

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