Mid-life follies by R J Gould

A wry look at reaching retirement age

My Rating:  4 out of 5

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Hugh has just retired and has exciting ideas about how to fill his time.  His wife, however, is not so confident of a bright future ahead.  A novel that looks at the surprises of getting older. 

Mid Life FolliesSet in Cambridge, Hugh has high hopes for his retirement, and is determined to make the most of life before he dies – dying being a bit of a concern of his.   Liz, Hugh’s wife, is also worrying about getting old, and questioning whether her life is truly satisfying.   Can they get through this time of change, or are more adjustments required than Hugh has ever imagined?

This sensitive, involving and lovely story is told from Hugh and Liz’s different perspectives and looks at changes in relationships as one gets older.  It is a story of two people that need to adjust, make some personal changes, and work out what they want from this new phase of life.  I suspect that most readers of a similar age will relate to scenarios in this story, even if their experiences have been somewhat different. 

4*s for this insightful and enjoyable novel about relationships and life’s changes as one reaches retirement age.   A book to enjoy as you get involved with the lives of Hugh and Liz, and maybe to make you think about your own life situation.

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