Jack and Jill went Downhill by R J Gould

Light and Humorous Romance

My rating:  4 out of 5


A story of relationships and what makes them work, or not.

jack-and-jill-went-downhillThis is an enjoyable, at times humorous, story all about Jill who meets Jack at a British university.  The narrative follows them through university and into the world of work in London and beyond.  It is not only a lovely story of their relationship, but also of their relationships with those around them – their families, friends and colleagues.

Although a light hearted book, there are some really interesting themes about parental expectations, mixing a tough working life (City of London Trader) with home life and about what makes for a good relationship.

I worried that this would be a book for university age readers, or thereabouts.  I was wrong.  This is a great entertaining read for all ages.  I never really got engaged with the characters themselves, but could relate their lives to the real world.  This is what pushed this book up into a 4 star rating.

If you like a light read, with a bit of humour and some thought provoking material – this is for you.

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Published 2022

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