Munich  by Robert Harris

1938 Drama and Suspense     

My rating:  4 out of 5     


 It’s 1938, Hitler is threatening war, can Hugh Legat, one of Chamberlain’s private secretaries, intervene and save so many lives.  But if he does, at what personal risk? 

MunichThe action in this historical novel takes place over 4 days.  In Berlin there are a group of worried men who want to take action to stop Hitler, in London they have a contact who can help them.  The culmination of the war negotiations is a meeting in Munich between Germany, France, UK and Italy, where, whilst the great powers are meeting and negotiating, Hugh Legat is slipping through the shadows with an agenda of his own.

This is a fascinating novel set around actual WWII events.  An easy read, with lots of suspense, and great scenes aboard Hitler’s train and Chamberlain’s flight from England to Munich.   The characters and imagined scenes come across strongly, and I thoroughly enjoyed the insight into what was going on in London at this dramatic moment in history.

A rating of 4 from me as it would have been great to have had a brief piece at the end setting out how much of the story was true, and how much not – without having to trawl through the internet.  A great novel about the remarkable events of this time. 

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