V2 by Robert Harris

WWII history through fiction

My rating:  5 out of 5

Kay feels the air change and then the V2 bomb lands close to her in London.  Rudi Graf is busy launching V2 bombs.  Lives so very different, yet with a commonality.

At the end of 1944 Kay is longing to play a more active role in the war than her current role in a backroom at RAF Medmenham, England.  Graf is disenchanted with his role with the V2, but orders are orders.    Fate gives Kay the chance to go to Belgium to track the V2 bombs, and really make a difference to the war effort.   Can she help stop the terror that Graf and his bombs are causing?

Based on the true V2 strikes on London, Robert Harris has written an evoking portrait of two people on different sides, trying to survive the war, and make a difference.  An interesting look at the history of the V2 rocket, with some fascinating facts, and many harsh realities of war.   

5*s from me for this historical fiction, because it gave me an insight into V2 rockets, but more because having finished the novel, it gave me cause for reflection on the backgrounds of people caught up in so many different aspects of war. 

As with many of Robert Harris books I found this better read over a relatively short period of time.   Often a book might take me a couple of weeks to read, but to benefit from the full atmosphere invoked by these pages setting aside more time for reading was well worth it. 

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