The Second Sleep by Robert Harris

A thriller with shocks, surprises and interesting themes

My rating:    4 out of 5

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An atmospheric thriller which opens with a priest’s death in 1468, and where little is as it seems at first sight.      

The Second SleepFather Christopher Fairfax arrives at a village in Wessex, England to bury the priest, and soon becomes interested, and mystified, by what happened to the priest and why.  The villagers appear to be acting oddly, and more surprises are in store when Father Fairfax has a closer look around.  

A tale of the past and the future, with interesting details about village life in 1468, the power of the church that wants to keep some truths hidden, and also links to our current times.

Beautifully written, this is a book that invites thought, with plenty of themes and ideas to talk about.  Great for Book Clubs.  It is not particularly fast moving, however I found the scenes very realistic and the mystery of what happened involving.  Certainly by the end of the book I was racing to discover the secrets.  The ending was not what I was expecting, but after some thinking about,  it did seem exactly right.

4*s from me for this great mystery thriller,  with plenty shocks, surprises and interesting themes