The Island by Mary Grand

Murder mystery on the Isle of Wight

My rating:  3 out of 5

Juliet returns home to the Isle of Wight after 2 years away to find considerable change within her family.  How well does she really know those she is closest to?

As Juliet’s father lies dying, he tells her that there is a secret that must stay hidden.  A murder starts Juliet on a desperate search to uncover the truth – at any cost.  As we follow Juliet’s investigation, so members of her family come under suspicion as the plot twists and turns, and it becomes a real whodunit, with the reader questioning the actions of those involved as much as Juliet is.   I loved the skill with which the author threw suspicion on various characters, and then left plenty of doubt in the air, until the final reveal. 

Meanwhile the setting on the Isle of Wight is lovely.  Cowes Week takes place, but further away things are quiet amongst the island community.   The beaches, country lanes and the vineyard all sound wonderful – an idyllic place, apart from the murder mystery and all the secrets!

Following a dramatic opening I was immediately interested in the plot and the mystery as it unfurled.  Much of the story is at a gentle pace, more about family relationships and secrets, than murder mystery, until … .    A great whodunit, set in beautiful Isle of Wight, just perfect for a relaxing read with the thrill of trying to guess who did it and why. 

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Tension and suspense. 5/5

Life after leaving a religious cult. 4/5

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