“General Non Fiction” Books

Today I’m taking a quick look back at a few of the books on the “General Non Fiction” page of my book review site (and blog) EmmabBooks.com .  I enjoy biographies and memoirs, so that genre has a page of its own, this page covers other non fiction.  Here are a few of the books on that page


Link to my review: William the Conqueror by In60Learning

This is one of a series of short books, on wide ranging subjects, containing “all you need to know” to get a broad overview of the subject.  So in less than 60 minutes I learnt about the important parts of William and Conqueror’s reign, the lives of the ordinary people at that time, all set out, and written, in a way that is easy to remember.  These great books are suitable for all ages, and just perfect to gain a broad knowledge of your chosen subject in less than 60 minutes. 


Link to my review: Forensics, The Anatomy of Crime, by Val McDermid

A book written for the ordinary person to find out about how forensic work is done, both currently (the book was written in 2015) and historically.  It is absolutely fascinating, and surprisingly not gory.  Well known cases from the UK and US are referred to, as well as details like why flies are essential to police and forensic scientists.  The writing style is easy to read and the chapters each cover a different area of forensics, for example  The Crime Scene,  Face Reconstruction etc.   Excellent book!


Link to my review: Jekka’s Complete Book of Herbs by Jekka McVicar

This is a beautiful book, with lots of photos, and information divided into small sections with practical information on over 150 herbs.  How to grow them, what to do with them,  medicinal properties, recipes etc.  A perfect book for browsing, with a practical use.  This is my “go to” herb information book!


Link to my review: Without the Calories
Link to my review: The 8-week blood sugar diet

Though I have many recipe books in my house, I only mention two on my General Non-Fiction page.  These are the books I go to when I’ve been overindulging from all my other, less healthy, recipe books.  Both different, but both recommended!


All the best, Emma

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