August Book Round-up

September already, I do love the colours of autumn, but hope we have more sunny warm days to come before winter sets in.  I’ve reviewed 5 books this month – all very different.  Here is a brief round up of them

Link to my review: Winter at the Light by Stephen B King

Winter at the Light by Stephen B King is set in the 1950s on a lighthouse island in SW Australia, before the lighthouse had electricity or was automated. 

Molly  thinks she is going to be bored all alone running the lighthouse – turns out there is plenty of action and danger, and maybe even the possibility of romance.

A great adventure story, with fascinating details about how a lighthouse was run at that time.  5*s from me for this gentle and involving read. 

Very different from the psychological thrillers also written by this great author. 


Link to my review: The Sound Mirror by Heidi James

The Sound Mirror by Heidi James is beautifully written literature.

The novel follows 3 women from 3 generations of one family and has strong themes of acceptance, difference and change.

Another work of beauty and stunning literature from this author, which will be great for book clubs, studying, or just reading and treasuring.


Link to my review: Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah
USA cover

I listened to Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah as an audiobook.  I found the first half slow, however the second half was compelling, upsetting, uplifting and completely involving.

Set in Leningrad Nina and Meredith get to hear the end of the fairytale their mother has been telling them since they were children.  Historical fiction and a love story set during the 2nd world war. An emotional rollercoaster, I loved the second half of this book; the first half was worth struggling through to get to the second half. 


Link to my review: Expectation by Anna Hope
USA cover

Expectation by Anna Hope is an involving story of 3 women and how their lives and friendship evolves over the years. Will their lives be as they expected, or somewhat different?

As in life there is plenty of fun in this book, plus some tougher times.


Link to my review: Without the Calories … by Justine Pattison

Without the Calories – quick and easy, by Justine Pattison is a fantastic cookbook, with meals that are easy to prepare.  The calories and nutritional information is clearly marked, and all the ingredients are easy to source, if they are not already in your store cupboard/fridge.  Its a much used recipe book in my home. 


All the best, Emma of EmmabBooks.com

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