GLIMPSE, The Dinner Guest by @StephenBKing1

13 authors have written 13 13,000 word dark thrillers.  They are all being released today – Friday November 13th.  How many of them will you read?

I am lucky enough to have already read one of them: GLIMPSE, The Dinner Guest by Stephen B King and I loved it.  There are shocks, plenty of atmosphere, and some moments of light relief.   A great read! The book blurb is below.


Book Blurb (from Amazon.co.uk)

Detective Sargent and clinical psychologist, Patricia Holmes, has been invited to a murder mystery dinner party at a small luxury hotel located in Western Australia. The dinner is a reunion party for the psychologists and psychiatrists who work at Perth’s largest mental hospital, which treats the criminally insane.

But there is an uninvited guest–a former patient who is hungry for revenge. In fact, he is ravenous. He will stop at nothing until he murders the doctor who gave him painful, electroconvulsive therapy.

Detective Sargent Holmes must stop a frenzied killer on a vicious spree—but can she save the other guests, or will she be the last one left alive?


As followers of my blog, and visitors to my website,  will know I am a great fan of Stephen B King – indeed earlier this week I recommended Book 4 in this Glimpse series, GLIMPSE, The Angel Shot.  The Dinner Guest is Book 5 in the Glimpses series (or as the author put it, Book 4.5), and would be a great short introduction to the series if you haven’t yet started it.   


The full set of 13 books are

Glimpse, The Dinner Guest by Stephen B King

A Deadly Game by Jannine Gallant

Azrael’s Chosen by Leah St. James

Vanity Kills by Dianne McCartney

Retribution by DJ FitzSimons

In the Still of the Night by Callie Hutton

Dead to Rights by Margo Hoornstra

Scorned by Anna Kittrell

Links to Evil by Rolynn Anderson

Till Death by Maureen Bonatch

Shattered Reflections by Tamrie Foxtail

Blood and Breakfast by Alicia Dean

Fatal Legacy by Krysta Scott

Wishing you a lucky Friday the 13th. All the best, Emma

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  1. Such an interesting concept!
    I hate to admit that I’ve never read anything by Stephen King. At one point I was going to but then a friend warned me of his writing style and I stayed away. I’m not a horror person at all!
    But I feel like I’m missing out on something by not reading Stephen King.

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    • This is a different Stephen King – this is Stephen B King, who writes absolutely brilliant psychological thrillers (plus other genres). This author’s Glimpse series are all about why the killer murders – and are very clever, exciting and thrilling. I have never read any of the horror author Stephen King’s books – I like to sleep at night!

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