Glimpse, Memoir of a Serial Killer (Deadly Glimpses) by Stephen B King

Exciting and fascinating psychological thriller

My rating:  4 out of 5

A fast moving hunt for a murderer, alongside insights into his motives and psychology for killing. 

Glimpse Memoir, Book 1The police are stumped as to who murdered the body in the suitcase, and then another person goes missing.    In an attempt to solve the crimes a criminal psychologist is brought into help, and then things start getting personal.

Whilst following the police’s efforts to track down the very intelligent killer, the reader is introduced to the murderer by way of a memoir he is writing for posterity.  This memoir is a dark and  fascinating look into the motives and  psychology of a killer, which got me wondering whether people become killers by nature or nurture, or both.

Det Sergeant McCoy and the criminal psychologist, Patricia Holmes, are great characters in themselves, and add an extra dimension to this already exciting and dramatic book. 

I did actually consider stopping reading this book because the murderer’s memoir is rather dark, but the psychological side of it fascinated me.  I’m glad I kept going because the insights into the murderer’s thought processes were very thought provoking and interesting. 

4 out of 5*s from me, purely because I found the first part of the murderer’s memoirs a little too dark and realistic  for me.  The psychology, the police hunt, the characters and the story definitely merited 5*. 

This is the first book in the Deadly Glimpses Series by Stephen B King;  I read the 2nd book  in the series (Glimpse, the Beautiful Deaths)  first!  Both books are stand-alone reads.  What a great author this is for anyone interested in what makes murderers tick.  

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