Glimpse, The Tender Killer by Stephen B King (The Deadly Glimpses Series) Book 3

 Puts the psychology into “Psychological Thriller”

My rating:  5 out of 5

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A fascinating look into the mind of a killer, told through an exciting and unpredictable story.

Glimpse Book 3A violent murder takes place, and no clues are left behind.  What lengths will the police and the criminal psychologist go to resolve the crime?  Meanwhile Bobby and Martine’s uncle  is suffering from schizophrenia, and Bobby wonders if his sister might also have the disorder?  And then there is Pat and Rick’s work relationship.  Can they avoid the physical attraction of each other and stay professional, or will they let their passions take over?

This is brilliant!  All the separate threads flow seamlessly, until they blend into one.  Definitely no flicking back to see who is who!  This thriller is exciting, there’s plenty of suspense throughout, and I found it interesting to learn something of schizophrenia. 

This is the third book of series, but like the previous books, can be read as a stand alone book.  The first few chapters give the characters backgrounds etc, which I did find a little slow as I have read the other two books, but is invaluable to new readers of this great author.  After that the story moves along at a fast and exciting pace, as the reader gets inside the mind of the killer, and follows the police’s attempts to find him/her.   The murder scenes are unpleasant to read (as they are meant to be) but not gratuitously so. 

5*s from me, as I loved the pace, the excitement and learning a little about schizophrenia.  There are quite a number of spelling errors, which did irritate me, but despite this the book is still worthy of 5*s. 

Such a great author, who offers fascinating insights into the human mind. 


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