#amreading – What, Why, While

What (am I currently reading)?

My current book is Nothing Man by R J Gould.    It is an uplifting, and often humorous, look at life and romance – and I’m loving it so far. 

Publication date is Thursday 25th March 2021.

Picture taken from R J Gould Newsletter – see rjgould.info

Blurb (taken from:  the author’s newsletter.  Find out more at his website https://www.rjgould.info/ )

One man in need of an overhaul. Two women determined to drag him there.

Neville Watkin’s life is so rubbish surely things can’t get any worse. Yes they can, because his wife leaves him, he loses his job, has a car crash and ends up in hospital.

Feisty Laura, the other party in the car crash, befriends him and sets out to turn his life upside down. For reasons he struggles to understand, Caroline, her equally feisty mother, seems to like him. Rather a lot.

All in all things are looking up, but is Neville courageous enough to seize these new opportunities?


Why (have I chosen to read it)?

This is R J Gould’s 5th book, although apparently it is the first one he started writing! 

I have previously read 3 of this author’s books, and have loved them all, so naturally jumped at the opportunity to read this latest one.   R J Gould is a wonderful observer of everyday life and adds humour to the tricky situations his characters often find themselves in. 

Find my reviews of RJ Gould’s previous books (that I have read) by clicking on the photos below.

Here is a picture of all the books written (so far!) by this wonderful author.

Picture taken from the R J Gould’s FaceBook page https://www.facebook.com/RJGouldauthor

While (I  am reading it) 

This week I went for what I thought would be a sunny walk by a local lake.  It turned out to be partly sunny and hot, and partly icy underfoot and freezing (literally), but was very beautiful.    

If you would like to tell me What you are reading, Why you are reading that book, and what you’re doing While you’re reading it, then let me know via   the Guest Blog Page on EmmabBooks.com   and maybe I’ll blog about it. 

All the best, Emma

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