Out Today:  Everyday Magic by Charlie Laidlaw @claidlawauthor @RingwoodPublish

I am so excited that Charlie Laidlaw’s latest novel, Everyday Magic,  is being published today.  This is Laidlaw’s 5th standalone novel and I can’t wait to get started on it (I’m a bit behind on my TBR pile!).   So until my review is ready, here is a little information for you. 

Everyday Magic is contemporary literary fiction, and is being published by Ringwood Publishing.  It is available in paper and e-book formats. 


Book Blurb (taken from https://www.charlielaidlawauthor.com/ )

Carole Gunn leads an unfulfilled life and knows it.  She’s married to someone who may, or may not, be in New York on business and, to make things worse, the family’s deaf cat has been run over by an electric car.

But something has been changing in Carole’s mind.  She’s decided to revisit places that hold special significance for her.  She wants to better understand herself, and whether the person she is now is simply an older version of the person she once was.

Instead, she’s taken on an unlikely journey to confront her past, present and future.

Everyday Magic is an uplifting book filled with humour and poignancy, and reminds us that, while our pasts make us who we are, we can always change the course of our futures.


 I asked Charlie Laidlaw to give me a little of the background of Everyday Magic, this is what he said: 

“It’s a book that was written during 2020, a time when all of us, because of restrictions, had to reassess our lives and the things that are important to us.  It was all about thinking what we’d done, the people and places that have shaped us, and how we could each build a bright future.  I am indebted to Charles Dickens for giving me the idea that became Everyday Magic.

My book is absolutely nothing like A Christmas Carol but, if you’ve read his book, you’ll recognise how, primarily in its simple structure and in some scenes, there are nods in its direction.   Mainly, however, my book carries the same message: if we confront our pasts and how they have shaped us, we can always change our futures for the better. “


This will be the second book I have read by Charlie Laidlaw, the first being Being Alert!, which is  laugh out loud funny British political satire where the story commences in January 2020. 

If you have read any of Charlie Laidlaw’s books let me know what you thought in the comments below section, I am keen to read more of his novels – TBR pile allowing!

All the best, Emma of EmmabBooks.com

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