Dirty Little Secrets by Jo Spain

Tension builder

My Rating:  4 out of 5


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A completely involving “WhoDunnIt” psychological thriller, set amongst a small community.

Dirty Little SecretsWithin a gated community of six houses, where  everyone gets along and enjoys occasional community events, Olive is found dead.  And no-one had noticed for months!

This great read delves into the lives of the occupants of this small community.  Behind each of those pristine front doors are secrets that need to be kept secret.  However now that the police are asking awkward questions it seems Olive wasn’t as popular as first thought.  As the inhabitants of each of the houses gradually let their secrets out, including the now deceased Olive at No. 4, so the suspense grows. 

The investigation is led by Detective Frank Brazil, who is looking forward to retirement, and Emma Child who is at the beginning of her detective career.  They make a great team, add humour, and really enhance the story.  Hope to see more of them in future books by Jo Spain!

4*s from me.  From the first chapter I was completely into the characters, and later on enjoyed trying to guess who did it (I got it totally wrong!).    This is a great light thriller where the characters build up well leading towards the disclosure at the end.  Great “curl up and enjoy” book. 

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