The Perfect Lie by Jo Spain

Wow, a thriller that has got it all!

My rating:  5 out of 5

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Erin wakes up one morning, next to her adored husband.  The doorbells rings, her husband’s police colleagues walk in, and from that moment forward Erin’s life is changed forever.  A psychological thriller with a dramatic opening, plenty of surprises throughout, and a “race to finish the book”  ending.

Erin sets out to discover exactly what happened, and why, on that eventful day, discovering secrets and mysteries about her husband she could never have imagined.  Set in Long Island, east of New York City, this thriller contains romance, mystery, courtroom drama, the suggestion of police corruption and plenty of twists. 

The timeline moves between Then and Now, and there was a point where I struggled with this, but I am so glad I carried on, as from about halfway through the mystery massively increases and the twists come flying off the page.

5*s from me for another great stand alone thriller from Jo Spain.  Even though I struggled with the two timelines for a little while, the plot with the ingenious twists, and the pace from about half way, well made up for a slow burn a little way into the book.  Quite amazing!

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