The Confession by Jo Spain


Loved every minute

My rating:  5 out of 5


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Julie watches her husband being brutally attacked.  Soon after the attacker walks into a police station and confesses.  Why? 

The ConfessionAn exciting psychological thriller with plenty of suspense, drama and twists.  There are only 4 main characters, and the story is told through 3 of them, in short concise chapters.  The characters are not the sort you’d go out for a drink with, but they are very believable and certainly interesting people.

Set mainly in 2012 in Ireland, alongside the main theme of “Why”, the characters backgrounds include psychological (and physical) abuse, alcoholism, poverty and extreme wealth.  Money  has been made through the banking industry and then the banking collapse of 2008 adds another interesting dimension to this great book.     

This is the first book I have read by Jo Spain, and I loved it.  I was completely involved in the story, the characters were totally believable, and I kept staying up late to read “just one more chapter”  Definitely a 5*s from me. 

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