Don’t Look Back by Jo Spain

Thriller with plenty of excitement and twists

Luke and Rose are enjoying a perfect (belated) honeymoon, until “Going Home Day” changes everything.  Rose’s past is catching up with her, which is scary for her and Luke but makes for an exciting storyline.  Can they escape from Rose’s past and live their happy ever after?  

Mickey, an old friend of Luke’s, is called in to help, utilising her expertise in helping abused women escape.  She’s feisty, genuine and a great character. 

To me this is a perfect thriller, with just the right amount of nerve-wracking action.   The action moves between London and a Caribbean Island, plus a visit to Ireland.  There is plenty of excitement, twists, and surprises, all of which kept me reading and loving every moment.   Violence is “off page”, the writing flows, not many characters and those there are come across as real and interesting. 

Another 5* read from the wonderful Jo Spain. 

Set:  London, Caribbean Island, Ireland

Publisher:  Quercus Books

Publication Date:  11 May 2023

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