5 Great Books I read in 2021

Over the past few weeks I have blogged about  5 great thrillers, 5 great book series, 5 great books for women that I have read in 2021. Today I have 5 other great books I have read this year. 

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Between the Stops by Sandi Toksvig

I listened to this memoir as an audiobook, narrated by Sandi herself.  It is funny, informative, sometimes shocking and always wonderful. Sandi delves into the history of places she is passing whilst on the No. 12 bus, and seamlessly moves into stories of her life, whilst also throwing in work related anecdotes.

Catch Me If I Fall by Nikki Rodwell

This is Nikki’s honest and inspiring memoir about how she broke her back, and her hard work and perseverance to recover as much as possible. I found myself completely wrapped up in Nikki’s story, wondering how it would end, cheering her on through her successes, and close to tears at other times. 

Dishonoured by Jem Tugwell

Dan has a good life, and is looking forward to the coming years, when in a matter of moments he loses everything. An exciting psychological thriller with few characters, and plenty of “who did it”.  It also got me wondering if this (or something similar) could happen to any of us. Plenty of “wow” factor.

Matilda Windsor is Coming Home by Anne Goodwin

Historical fiction set in the 1970s and 80s.  Matty, about 70 years old, is longing to find someone from her past.  Henry is looking for the sister he last saw about 50 years ago and Janice dreams of bringing positive change to the world of psychiatric long term residential care.   This is “fiction to care about”. 

This is How We Are Human by Louise Beech

This novel’s main character is Sebastian who has autism; the book was inspired by some of the author’s friends.  It is a beautiful, heartrending story about the lengths people will go to in order to protect and help those they love. Whether this help is what the recipient needs or wants is, of course, a very different thing.   


All the best, Emma

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