5 Book Series I have enjoyed in 2021

As the end of the year approaches, I thought it would be good to look back at some of the books I have read this year (so far!).  Here are 5 book series that I have reviewed on EmmabBooks.com and highly recommend.

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Hazel Prior

There are (so far) two books in this series.  Away with the Penguins (in the US also called How the Penguins Saved Veronica ) and Call of the Penguins.    They both feature Veronica (who is in her 80’s) who finds herself at a penguin research station in the Antarctic, and later among penguins in Australia and the Falklands.  She has an errant grandson, and of course meets other interesting characters along the way.  Absolutely wonderful! 

Owen Mullen

Owen has 3 thriller series out, but for today I’m going to talk about The Wronged, which is part of the Charlie Cameron Series: 4 books in this series.  The Wronged is set in Glasgow, where Charlie Cameron is investigating a missing husband case  which  brings him to the attention of the powerful Rafferty gangster family.   This (like all of Owen Mullen’s thrillers) is a fast moving thriller with mystery, twists, lots of action and high stakes to play for

Click on the book above, and you will find all of Owen Mullen’s thrillers shown at the bottom of the page. 

Allie Cresswell

For lovers of historical fiction, look no further.  The House in the Hollow and The Lady in the Veil are set in 1800s England and are part of a trilogy (I have yet to read the 3rd).   Allie Cresswell is an author who gets to the heart of the era she is writing about, looking at how life really was under the apparent gloss and romance.  

Ross Greenwood

The Cold Killer is the 4th book in the DI Barton crime thriller series.  I started the series with this book and felt I was missing some of the background of the characters, I shall be reading previous 3 soon!  In the midst of plenty of action and twists, there are personal moments, and views of life in prison – as a warder and as a prisoner.   Just great.

Whilst on Ross Greenwood I’m going to sneak in a novel of his which is not part of a series, but is so good.  Prisoner  is a gripping prison drama, with characters that seem very real , and a story that seemed all to likely to be true.  5*s from me.  The author used to be a prison officer, so it is a real insight. 

AJ Waines

Inside the Whispers and Lost in the Lake are the first 2 books in the Samantha Willerby psychological thriller series.  Samantha is a clinical psychologist, and it is the psychology within these great fast paced thrillers that I loved.  Book 3 is already on my Kindle. 


All the best, Emma

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