5 Thrillers I have enjoyed in 2021

As the end of the year approaches, I thought it would be good to look back at some of the books I have read this year (so far!).  Here are 5 thrillers from my 2021 – 5* rated books page that I highly recommend

Dishonoured by Jem Tugwell https://emmabbooks.com/dishonoured-by-jem-tugwell/

Paperback published by Serpentine Books in January 2021

An exciting psychological thriller with few characters, and plenty of “who did it”. 

Inside the Whispers and Lost in the Lake by AJ Waines



Both paperbacks published by Bloodhound Books in October 2018

Two for one here as these books are part of the Samantha Willerby series.  There are 4 books in the series – the next two are on my Kindle waiting to be read. 

Inside the Whispers is a psychological thriller where Samantha Willerby, a psychologist, is trying to work out why 3 of her patients seem to be lying about a recent event that has given them severe Post Traumatic Stress.   

In Lost in the Lake Rosie has been involved in an accident and turns to Samantha Willerby for help in regaining her memory so that she can understand what happened.  Rosie’s behaviour gives this thriller a real buzz.

Out of the Silence by Owen Mullen https://emmabbooks.com/out-of-the-silence-by-owen-mullen/

Paperback re-published by Boldwood Books in March 2021

Marriage to a stranger plus a great murder mystery.  This thriller was inspired by a true story and is on my “best books ever” list! 

Prisoner by Ross Greenwood https://emmabbooks.com/prisoner-by-ross-greenwood/

Paperback published by Boldwood Books in April 2021

A gripping prison drama, with characters that seem very real, and a story that seemed all to likely to be true. 

The Girl She Was Before by Jess Kitching


Paperback published by Kingsley Publishers in October 2021

A psychological thriller that has everything – excitement, a few characters for the reader to be suspicious about, plus plenty of “what would I do in that position?”.


For all my Thrillers and Crime book reviews see:  https://emmabbooks.com/thrillers-and-crime/

All the best, Emma

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