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I am a great fan of audiobooks, and today is the 11th anniversary of my taking out a subscription with Audible.  I started listening to audiobooks when I was doing a lot of running, and found it took my mind off hills I was running up etc.  I don’t run any more, but still listen to audiobooks when I’m out exercising, ironing or doing the garden – when its not covered in snow. 

Therefore an audiobook needs to be exciting enough to encourage me to get out (or get the ironing board out), not so complicated that if I’m distracted by the view, cow bells etc I miss something important, and easy to pick up and get straight back into after a few days absence. 

To see all of my audiobook reviews go to  https://emmabbooks.com/audio-books/  .  Here are 3 that were particularly memorable – click on the book cover to find out more

The Secret Life of Mr Roos by Hakan Nesser, narrated by Martin Wenner, is a wonderful, very gentle thriller. Indeed I felt it was more about friendship and the important things in life, than the crime committed.

Prisoner by Ross Greenwood is a prison drama which is full of human interest and  opened my eyes to a different world.  It kept me gripped and interested throughout, and made me start reading other books by this great author.

The One by John Marrs  is a thriller I loved from the first page to the end. 

5 people apply to find their true love through a DNA test. But what if their Mr/Ms Right isn’t quite as they expected?

Just brilliant!


All the best, Emma

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